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Tips For Lacking Interior Design

Interior design creativity is not a gift that we are all born with.  I for one don’t have the makings of a world renowned designer.  What I do have is the ability to start with a base coat that is simple and then from there add to it.  I am not ever going to be one for color on the wall; beige is as bold as I go.  My couches and chairs are all in the brown, beige family and are solid colors. I do however have what it takes to add charm without breaking the bank or making my home impersonal.  Continue on to find some wonderful tips to help design the interior of your home today.

One of the first things I do is to peruse magazines.  I don’t subscribe to any however the library close to us keeps a good selection in stock and I do regularly find some that have been shared in the local swap box.  This is a great tip to save money on magazine subscriptions that can really add up quickly.

Another tip I take into consideration is dividing spaces into functioning places for our family.  This means that one room may have several separate groupings of furniture to give each space its own purpose.  The latest space we used this technique was our son’s room.  It is a rather small space.  With the help of a loft we were able to box off his bed and make it a fort setting leaving the bottom under it to be utilized.  We used it as a space for his school work and a place to stash a bean bag and small table with a light for when he feels like reading or playing on his laptop.  We took his closet and made it into a complete dressing area with a space for his clothes and personal care items along with a mirror.  This way he can shower and come in to his room to take care of his grooming needs.  His space is small but serves several purposes for him.

Another designing on a dime tip I have to offer is to choose something in each space to be a focal point.  I like to use book shelves, fireplaces, art and windows.  Arrange the room around this object and you will find that symmetry happens almost automatically.

When I design a space within my home around a window as the room’s focal point I often use layering in the window treatment options I choose.  This always adds class and coziness to the space.  It is also a great way to mix materials and colors giving the room a more dynamic feel.  Window treatments also help to control the amount of light an area receives.

Remember also that you don’t have to have window treatment that fit neatly into a packaged space any more.  When using curtains the sky is the limit.  I have seen small windows surrounding by beautiful window treatments that turn the space into more of an art showcase.  The truth is that window treatments are one of my favorite methods to transform a space. They are usually inexpensive, easy to install and make a huge statement.

Not everyone is a creative genius when it comes to interior design.  I know I am for sure not.  What I am good at is looking for inspiration everywhere.  Take pictures and jot ideas down as you come about them.  I have a portfolio filled with things I like and as I redo and update spaces in the house I pull the portfolio out to see what can and cannot be used in the space.  It is easy to copy other geniuses!




Inexpensive Interior Design Tips

In the economic climate we live in today everyone is trying to cut corners and pinch pennies.  This is true in all aspects of our lives including interior decorating within our homes. Face it not all of us have a decorators touch but doing it yourself you can save a small fortune.  Here are some simple tips to help you become an expert interior decorator for your home without breaking the budget.

Tip One:  Often people are not thrilled with their homes flooring. However we all know this is an expensive replacement in home furnishings.  One instant change to a room be it carpeted, tiled or hardwood is using a large decorate rug.  This will instantly hide the flaws in your flooring and add flair to the room without having to completely redo the homes flooring.  Think about it at minimum you are looking at three thousand dollars to redo the flooring within your home.  A new area rug is at the most two hundred dollars.  That is a minimum savings of two thousand eight hundred dollars.

Tip Two: This tip requires absolutely no money only a bit of time and muscle.  Rearrange furniture in a living room area to divide the space up.  Have a space devoted to television, one area for reading and a cozy spot to sit back and talk with family and friends.  This is a terrific way to utilize a large space and give your room and furniture a more visual appeal.  It also makes the space more user friendly.

Tip Three: Add book shelves and not only for books.  A large book shelve unit is a great way to display pictures, art and memorabilia that you have accumulated that is too special to store in a box under the bed. This helps create a personalized feel to any room making it friendlier, more welcoming to guests and more special to you.

Tip Four: Purchase window treatments that fit your style and function for the space.  In bedrooms room darkening blinds and shades can be installed under designer roller shades or bamboo blinds.  This gives you the ability to have a stylish yet functional window treatment.  Homeowners can spice up a room using window treatments to play up their windows.  Just because you have a tiny window does not mean you have to stick with a mini blind.  You can transform the room using large curtains to add a focal point to the window, making it appear larger than it is. Layering window treatments is a must in interior design.  Don’t be afraid to combine textures and materials in your window coverings.

Tip Five:   I saved the best tip for last.  A big impact on a small budget can be had with the use of paint.  Painting a wall, ceiling or whole room can dramatically change the room overall look and feel.  Recently we added a deep brown wall into our otherwise beige living room and instantly the room was transformed.  It was amazing.  The colors you choose to paint with don’t always have to match exactly form room to room.  Adding color that plays well with other areas of the house if the key element to look for.


Improving Your Home with Window Treatments

Updating old window treatments is a quick and easy way to add a fresh appeal to any room. New window treatments come in a variety of materials and styles which can change the entire look of a room in a matter of minutes. Window treatments are an inexpensive, fast way to change the appearance of a room, and something as simple as replacing window treatments can help you re-imagine a space. Stick to fabrics and materials that are easy to clean, and you’ll be on the way to great window coverings that look great.

When you are looking to replace or install window treatments in your home, look into options that tint the windows to reduce the sun glare that comes through during the day as well as shades that can keep your home insulated. This means that the heat will be kept in during the winter and the cool in during the summers.

Before deciding on window covering renovations for your home, go to several open houses in new subdivisions. You’ll see the latest styles and colors and get a better idea of how your home could look with those options than you would by just going through the home improvement stores. Many model homes even hire a interior decorator to include window coverings and furniture to complete the effect, so you can copy the ones you like best and skip a lot of trial and error when updating your own home.

If you are looking for exterior window treatments that will provide efficiency and privacy, bamboo is a good choice. Using bamboo window treatments for the outer decor of the home not only provides shade for natural cooling, but also resists the sun and hot temperatures. At the same time, you will find that they offer excellent privacy within the home. This is a popular option on front porches and sun rooms.

If you have wallpaper in the room you are redoing window treatment in consider the wallpaper pattern carefully in picking a printed fabric for your blinds, shades or curtains. Avoid using overpowering patterns in small spaces; conversely, using a bold design in a very large room will make it appear cozier. It is best to go with something plain than bold if you have a wallpaper print that is bold.

When considering updating your décor, save money at the same time by changing your window treatments to energy-efficient varieties. Thermal drapes are made from heavy fabrics that act as insulation to minimize drafts, and blackout curtains block sunlight, keeping your home cooler in the summer months. Many window treatments perform double-duty, combining blackout effects with thermal fabrics.

Window treatments are a cheap, fast way to change the appearance of a room, and something as simple as replacing window treatments can help you re-imagine a space. Stick to fabrics and materials that are easy to clean, and you’ll be on the way to great window coverings that look great.

With the information that you have just discovered, you are certainly going to enjoy the many benefits that these tips and tricks have to offer. From the cost-saving secrets to time-saving strategies, you are sure to become empowered now that you know the secrets to success in choosing window treatments including blinds and shades.

Natural Elements Used In Window Treatments

Where can help be found when starting to think about the perfect window treatments?  Whether you are looking for curtains, blinds, shades, valances or curtain rods there is help online.  If you are looking to re-do one or twenty window coverings the best source for ideas and up to date style information is through the internet.  Another value online shopping presents is the ability to find exactly what you are looking for, recreate it and at the best price possible.  All the information sits at your fingertips.

Window treatments, especially blinds and shades are becoming as much a part of a home’s interior design as any other feature.  Rooms are not built around one specific piece of furniture any longer.  Instead the room is being pulled together using many key elements including window treatments.  This does not mean that everything has to match but instead coordinate and compliment.  Which brings me to the unique attributes now found within window treatments.

When contemplating window treatments many people picture one of two things; blinds or curtains.  This has been the case in the past in regards to window décor but not anymore.  With the use of a range of materials window treatments have been given a completely new purpose.  It is no longer the norm to stick with heavy floral curtains that scream grandma’s house but instead environmental materials are adding texture and emphasis to a home’s windows.   Eco-friendly materials such as grass, bamboo, jute and paper are introducing a new natural elegance to room décor and interior design.

Natural materials work for many different window treatments and decors.  Rooms are not defined by the window treatment of choice yet enhanced.  If your style lends itself more to country, back woods lodge, modern, contemporary or exclusive high end there is something available to meet your desire.  Bamboo blinds & shades, natural woven wood blinds & shades and honeycomb cellular blinds & shades are amongst the most popular options.  If you can dream it there is a window treatment out there to make it happen.

Where should a homeowner begin when deciding upon window treatments?  The first thing to determine is if a hard or soft window treatment option is desired.  Maybe even a combination of the two is what will work for the function and style desired within the space.

  • Hard Window Treatments:  This includes any treatment that contains a hard material such as wood or vinyl.  Some examples include window shades and blinds as well as shutters.
  • Soft Window Treatments: This includes any treatment that contains soft materials such as sheers, curtains, drapery, swags and valances.  Roman shades are often included in this category.
  • Combination of Hard and Soft Window Treatments:  This is a combination of the two on one window.  This can be a very hard look to install and should be done so using careful precise measurements.  Valances and window blinds are often used in combination as well as sheer curtains and vinyl room darkening shades where light is an issue such as a bedroom.

Window Treatments For Each Room In Your Home

What happens when you have windows that are less than desirable to look at?  It is time to play interior designer adding window treatments to them.  Window coverings are known as the finishing touch to interior decorators.  Many compare curtain, blinds and shades to a home to the accessories women use to spiff up a plain black dress. The final touch to turn a room into the place you desire.  There are certain things to think about in dressing your windows to make them stand out in a desirable way.

The very first thing that needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing window treatments for any room of your home is the function or purpose they will need to serve.  They must fit your need or else you will be wasting money on something that looks pretty but offers nothing to your family in regards to value.  Look at the options available when considering what the room needs. Things to consider when looking at function are: light control, privacy, insulation and whether or not you still want to maintain a view to the outside.

Personal style is another quality you will want to pay attention to.  If your style needs are not met than you will not enjoy being in the space. This takes into account color as well.  You can enhance a room’s characteristic with the window treatments.  If you are a formal person creating formal spaces than the last thing you would want to do is create a modern space using color and style.

Another thing to look at is the existing structure and textures within the rooms existing space.  It is possible to find window treatments with accents that compliment the room.  For instance, if you are using drapes often times grommets can be used to enhance areas of architecture in the room.  As an example dark brushed grommets compliment red or dark woods.

Other areas to consider when looking for window treatments that compliment the room and enhance features with in it are the height of the windows verse the drapes.  If the room is large and grand in style the last thing you want are itty bitty blinds.  This will not enhance in any form.  Grand rooms need window treatments that will stand out as little room need windows that don’t call attention upon them.  Think cozy when considering window treatments within smaller spaces that are meant to feel cozy, relaxed and simple.  Larger scale rooms should include coverings that are a floor to ceiling style.  This creates drama and draws attention.  It is important to remember the rules related to scale and proportion when looking at options for your windows.  Balance is important.  Don’t go overboard but then again don’t skimp.


  • Woven Wood Blinds: For homes that are natural or lean toward rustic this option enhances the cozy warm feeling of a home looking for that same feel in window coverings
  • Cellular Shades:  This option is popular in homes where light control and view are important.  This option allows the shade to be directed in either direction covering as little or as much of the window as desired.
  • Roller Shades:  This is a new, modern option in window treatments.  Think about large windows such as door walls and picture windows.  This option lends towards a modern feel and looks like art within the room.

Choosing Appropriate Window Shades For Your Home

Home décor of all kinds can be tricky.  Window treatments are not exempt from this.  Window coverings are one thing that can tie a home together or completely separate it. This is not to say that every room has to have the same type of window treatment however, they must create harmony with color, texture, style or type.  In order to develop a window treatment scheme for the home it is important to look into the pros and cons of each style of blinds and shades.  This is to ensure the function of the shades and blinds you choose meet your needs.


Traditional Roller Shades: Roller shades offer a fair amount of privacy, light control and are priced well within most budgets.  They also offer a variety of color options including now a collegiate logo shade option. What a perfect option to add to any sports fanatics’ room. However, they do not insulate for temperature control or sound and can often be perceived as boring.

Cellular Shades: This option is both functional and attractive.  Cellular shades are minimalistic and offer insulation protection for both heat and air.  The one major drawback is that they are hard to clean.  If you live on a road that traffic travels down and creates dust this option is most likely not for your home.  The dust will all settle on the shade and at they cost more than what most people want to pay for a dust collector.

Pleated Shades: Pleated shades are an alternative to cellular shades that are a bit less expensive.  They also offer a great range of light control.  The con is that they tend to be a bit less efficient as far as a n insulator and can flatten out quicker than cellular shades.

Roman Shades:  These are a very popular option.  When roman shades are down they create a cascading feature using folding fabric.  Roman shades can be made out of any fabric available. They are incredible versatile.  The down side of roman shades is that they are costly, and often require a bit of fussing ensuring the folds are perfect.

Solar Shades: These are a great option for homes in warm climates that need heat and light diffused.  They also help to keep the glare off of televisions and computers while working to help keep rooms cool.  The downside is that there are relatively limited color options to choose from and offer little privacy.

Woven Shades: Woven shades are really nice for homes keeping with the natural elements.  They often come with a liner for added privacy and light control.  The disadvantages are that often they are seen as informal, which is actually fine if that is not the look you are going for.  They are also incredibly delicate as far as window shades go.

Window Shades: This type of shade is incredibly versatile and can be purchased in both horizontal and vertical styles.  They can be purchased to coordinate with any homes furniture and are extra forgiving causing them to be a good choice with parents.  They are considered to be one of the most expensive options in shades, are quite trendy and are difficult to clean.

Options in window blinds are as detailed as shades.  When considering new window coverings it is advisable to look into each option with an eye for the details of your home environment, the style and need you are looking for to match a budget that is reasonable for your expectations.  Window treatments can really make or break the style of a room.